John F. San Filippo

The Interim Site

I built my previous website in NetObjects Fusion, but it seemed a little too casual for my current needs. Besides that, I'm not as big a fan of NOF as I was when I wrote NetObjects Fusion 3 for Dummies. I'm currently teaching myself Joomla so that I can build a site that will knock your socks off. However, that's going to take a little while. So in the meantime, I offer you this Dreamweaver site as an interim measure. At the very least, it will let you know how to reach out to me in a number of ways.

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My Blog

If you want to read "Johnny's Marketing Soapbox," my more-or-less weekly blog on various marketing topics, with an emphasis on fintech marketing, click here.

My Micro-Blog

If you want to watch as I attempt to distill my vast wisdom down to 140-character tidbits, click here.

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Project Work

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My Novel

If you'd like to join the tens of people worldwide who purchased "Sunspot Baby," click here.

Anything Else

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